Why We Make

Welcome to the Makerettes home site! We are an all female-maker group at the Digital Harbor Foundation.


Before Makerettes, DHF had a 5% female participation rate. This number has grown to 50%.


We are artists, designers, thinkers and most importantly, we're girls.

Female Power

Women make $0.70 for every dollar a man makes. We need to be competitive in our skills and learn what we can to change the STEM and making fields.

Check out our Day of the Girl Video if you haven’t! We’re pretty thrilled with the results.

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Projects, Events and Highlights!

We Launch TONIGHT!

Our project, Be the Light is launching TONIGHT at Digital Harbor Foundation. We’ve invited friends, family and the community to share in our mission! We’ve created tea-light lanterns in order to sell. But we’re not Read more…

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