The Makerettes were hard at work Friday afternoon preparing for the Be The Light Lantern Party and Fundraiser Event!

At one table youth assembled laser-cut lanterns, which had been designed and cut at previous Makerettes meetings. Each lantern is made up of four sides and a base. There are strategically-placed grooves on the edges so that the sides fit together just so, and the connections are secured with wood glue. There are a wide range of designs on the lanterns, including stars, roses, bubbles, hearts, and geometric patterns.

At another table, more Makerettes members painted large, laser-cut letters in various colors. The letters are full of holes, and strings of lights will be strung through. That combined with glow-in-the-dark paint used on some of the letters will create a glowing effect when the sign is hung outside in the courtyard. It spells out BE THE LIGHT, and when the sun is down, the sign itself will indeed Be the Light, illuminating the entire courtyard and inviting passersby to check out the tech center.

One community event approaching soon is the actual Be The Light party! Come to our launch and paint your very own lantern! You can take it home or donate it to DHF to be displayed in our courtyard as part of the Be the Light installation going up in January.

Entry costs $15 at the door or you can pre-register and RSVP for $10 here.

Click here for more info on Makerettes, including past projects and upcoming meetings.


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