At the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center, DHFTC, we noticed the lack of women in tech-related industries. Most girls only decide that they want to be in a technology career when they’re older and stay away from tech when they’re younger, in order to not be judged. The Makerettes group was made so that girls could inspire each other to learn tech skills and make things! We want to be able to turn to someone that we feel comfortable with to get advice. Girls tend to leave DHF after they complete Maker Foundations (the introductory program) because they feel awkward, being one of the few girls.

The Makerettes was founded to increase involvement from female program participants and aim to increase retention of girls in our program. We want to give girl participants an opportunity to form bonds with one another and the women on staff and feel as comfortable as possible. The Makerettes group sets aside time for the girls and women to build relationships with one another and encourage new friendships.